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Helena KA self-confessed foodie mum who, after a failed business attempt, woke up one morning asking myself why on earth I was trying to organise events all over Italy when I had some of the best that Italy had to offer on my very own doorstep. Living in the Bologna hills it is impossible not to have some sort of a food conversation at least once a day. Here one is surrounded by food-related everything.  With truffle dogs barking outside my window, an organic butcher a 3 minute walk away through the woods, an artisan dairy making Parmesan cheese  and ricotta just up the hill, a 17th century water-powered flour mill up and down a hill, an award-winning winery up the hill next door and hunters hunting pheasant and boar on the hill opposite my kitchen window, I would have been very silly to ignore it all.

I love to cook and have even fooled someone into thinking that my home-made filled Tortelloni had been made by a sfoglina (expert pasta maker). I am also rather fond of eating well. If I know I’m not going to eat as well as I expect, I would rather stay at home and cook it myself.

Occasionally some Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Greek food works its way into my saucepans, but we won’t talk about that here.


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